A Day To Celebrate



Oh Matilda my dear
You must let me jump clear
For a true cad and a bounder I am
The grass is much greener
An I’m all the keener
To free you from this sham

You’re my Wallaby Rob
And you’re not worth two bob
But you are MY high steppin’ fella
In the forest at night
With the moon’s gentle light
You make a girl feel right stella

Struth! Matilda me love
And by the heavens above
It really sounds like it’s me that ya fancy
How could a bloke think to stray
And just go bounding away
Now I hope you’ll become my fiancee

Wallaby Rob have no fear
You just jump over here
Words of wisdom to you I will say
No more bounding around
Jumpin’ over new ground
You’re mine this Australia Day !


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Happily Ever After

“And they all lived, happily, ever after.”

July on Montmartre

We came to the hill with the sacred heart
She held her dream of youth and art
In crayon and paper from soft summer days
Our dreams, yet to happen, held in that gaze

Even as I begin to write, I have no idea whether the story that will follow is about a few summer days in Paris, or whether it is about the excitement of one special person. She has a name, as many of us do, but I will call her Rh.
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Please Excuse

I had been transferred to this remote outpost of the Queensland Education system as a reprimand for a “vigorous” discussion

And Now To Dance

Here is my hand, come, dance with me

Desert Steps

Back I step, I step once more